Richard L. Ay, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Program

Issued by the Richard L. Ay, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Committee Chair:

In 2016, the Richard L. Ay Memorial Scholarship Program will be managed by the following guidelines:

1)  The scholarships will be awarded in increments not to exceed $500, and will only cover course registration fees with NAHRO.

2)  The scholarship will be a tuition reimbursement to the candidate, once they provide the committee with a completion certificate from NAHRO.  This is done so that scholarships would not be paid to NAHRO in advance, and the recipient fail to attend the course, thus wasting scholarship money.  NAHRO does not refund for no-shows.

3)  Applications follow an open window and can be submitted any time during the year. The committee will review applications and make awards quarterly. At MAHRA’s Annual Meeting, the awards granted for the past year will announced to the membership.

4)  Once approved, recipients will receive a "Congratulations Letter" detailing how the process works and the parameters for reimbursement.  The letter will state that they must return an enclosed form notifying the committee of the course they intend to take, the dates, the location and the cost.  The initial application requests the same information, but we will require them to confirm their choice upon notification of award.

A summary of the program and the application are attached. If there are any questions or concerns at this time, please call me at 410-757-5505 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

David Schultz, Chair



In an effort to enhance the education and professional integrity of associates who are employed or serve on local boards of affordable housing and community development agencies in Maryland, the Richard L. Ay, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Program will offer scholarships for courses administered by the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO).

Richard served on the Board of Commissioners of the Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County from 1989-2011.  As Chair of the Board, he was passionate about the work of NAHRO and attended many of the educational offerings and was a Certified Commissioner in the accredited program.  Richard felt strongly that NAHRO’s programs were viable and important, and assisted in increasing the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies of those who attended and became certified. 

As a Commissioner, Richard embodied passion, ethical reasoning and was compelled to network and learn as much as possible to enhance the operations of the agency and improve the products and services.  He supported many of the staff in their quest for knowledge and professional growth and always supported the hard work and diligence offered by NAHRO.

Since his death in 2011, many who knew him and his passion worked to create this scholarship program.  It is hoped that the Richard L. Ay, Sr. Memorial Scholarship will assist many who otherwise would struggle to enhance their professional growth and career path.

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